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Patrick Moran is the owner of Computer Clinic. Below is a precise of his background and the company's history. On page 2 we have highlighted some examples of work carried out. Finally, we have collated numerous testimonials which are on a separate page altogether.


My company, Computer Clinic, has been operating in Christchurch for 7 years as a limited liability company.

However, prior to this I have spent my entire working life in IT in the UK.

Originally from Manchester, England, I spent many years working for the largest retailer in Europe, working my way up the ranks. One of my most challenging projects encountered was when the company purchased their closest competition for 2.2 Billion pounds and I was involved in a 12-month IT programme to merge the IT systems together. The success of the IT program and projects lead to mass redundancies which was always known, so the project had many intrinsic challenges.

I then moved on to become an IT consultant for the National Health Service, reputedly the 3rd largest organisation in the world. The actual IT program was to implement a new national IT system across all hospitals, doctor's surgeries and other medical facilities, costing $64 million. However, prior to my involvement, the whole thing had gone badly off track. There were too many hurdles, issues and the entire program was off budget with missed deadlines. The IT program received harsh national press coverage and became a political issue in parliament.

Bottom line – Mass culling's across the board - new blood was head-hunted to fix and deliver. I was lucky enough to be involved in such a project with weekly deadlines. The budgets involved were large and required liaison with hospitals, doctor's surgery's and everyone in between. The IT program with its subset of projects did present many unique challenges, but by throwing money at it we were all able to get it all back on track and roll out exactly as planned. During this time, I was privileged to work alongside the most driven and talented people in the country with a zero tolerance for error and weekly reviews - it was deliver or you are fired.

Following this I moved to Christchurch and decided to start my own IT company (First Aid for Computers Limited t/a Computer Clinic), from scratch with no customers or staff.

I now have a happy customer base, a quality hand-picked team of 5 who adhere to my high standards and professional IT qualifications. We have the pleasure of being able to pick and choose our customers, contracts and projects.

I am offering you my wealth of experiences and knowledge to assist with your current IT related projects to ensure they successfully gets over the line. Next are some brief examples of work carried out in Christchurch.



When we took over this IT contract to provide service, support and maintenance to Golden Homes, we firstly had to unravel an over complicated and undocumented mess.

Slowly and carefully, over time we have made subtle IT improvements in systems, infrastructure and connectivity across multiple sites in the South Island. This has also lead to substantial savings in their IT and communications costs.


Following the earthquakes, we moved Patient and Williams in to a new office in the city centre.

This entailed new computers, new server, new systems and setup. At the time, Patient and Williams decided to move in to a much larger office than was required and rent out some of their office space to off-set costs.

However, as there was only 1 internet connection, it meant that all companies were effectively going through the same shared router connection. For security, privacy, legal and confidentially reasons, we needed to ensure 100% that there was absolutely no way for anyone to access Patient and William's systems unless they were allowed to, even though everyone was connected to the same network. We clearly have the skill set to guarantee this and carried it out to international best practices.


A legal and mediation firm wanted to implement a new server with numerous complex systems and have all these integrate. We worked with all stake-holders and 3rd party providers to successfully deliver this project.


OHS is an Occupational Health and Safety company in Christchurch. Due to recent legislation changes and clamp-downs on bad practice, OHS has rapidly expanded. They completely out grew their existing IT setup and service provider. We stepped in to provide them with IT infrastructure and systems to meet their current and future demands without impacting or slowing down their business during the change.


Arvida are the owners of 20 + rest homes across the country with many of these being in Christchurch.

In the early days when Arvida went around, buying up rest homes we acted as consultants, implementers and installers of completely new systems, linking all rest homes together using vpns and a central server in an Auckland data centre. We initially created a heat map of what state the IT was in at each site and it quickly became evident that there was a complete mish-mash of setups, systems or simply none – just paperwork and filing cabinets. Obviously, we had to assist with deciding on new systems and technologies whilst working to extremely tight budgets and providing cost effective solutions, hardware and the like. Amongst many of the projects we tackled, our favourite was using the latest wifi technology. As the vast majority of rest homes were built without any structured network cabling, we had to provide robust wireless solutions at all sites as cabling was simply not possible in many areas due to impassable physical firewalls and no roof space in the buildings. This required rapid research, testing and roll-out and was 10 times less than the other quotes from other specialist companies.


ITM are a national provider to the building industry. 7 years ago, we went through a ‘process' and won the IT contract to support the Ferry Road, Christchurch branch which is run by one of the founders. Over this time, growth has been significant, mainly due to the earthquakes. We have had to plan and implement major upgrades twice over this time to keep pace with growth. We are currently working on yet another major project which will involve demolition their building, meaning that the company will operate temporarily from 2 separate locations (for 12-18 months) whilst the rebuild occurs. This naturally presents numerous IT challenges. However, over the last several years, this seems to be the ‘norm' in Christchurch so we are well equipt to handle the project.


Hearing Technology are multi-branch national provider of cutting edge hearing aids and due to the interest and passion of the business owner, have always been on the fore-front and leaders in this technology field. We gained this IT contract as we were the only company that could prove that not only did we know what we were talking about, but we could also demonstrate how it would all work. Thanks to us, Hearing Technology currently use the latest IT systems to operate nationally. We have implemented a call centre to cope with the demands of national tv advertisements along with very specific hardware and software solutions to use in their sound-proofed hearing booths and audiology consultancy rooms. Hearing Technology expect us to be at the cutting edge of hardware and software solutions and are always looking to utilize the latest in technology to their advantage.


I trust the above background and customer engagement examples help you understand more about us, our ethos and what we can achieve. However, if you would like to discuss more, please arrange a telephone appointment by contacting us accordingly. Please also read our testimonials section for more quoted examples.

Yours sincerely

Patrick Moran

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