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How can we at Computer Clinic help you and your business?

We can take care of all IT issues and help your business run better by using the latest technology to make you work smarter and more efficiently. We believe technology should improve your business by freeing you up, thus empowering you to spend more time on your business and decision making. The ultimate goal is to give you a cutting edge over your competitors in your market and business area.

When you call Computer Clinic you’ll receive a free initial consultation (as long as it takes) so we can understand your needs. We’re open-minded, and can provide you with a range of options to suit your business and your budget. Our sole mission is to provide you with IT solutions that solve your problems. At Computer Clinic we pride ourselves on our prompt service and a “No Fix, No Fee” policy.

Computer Training:

80% of computer problems are caused by user error. Professional IT training is the key! The friendly team at Computer Clinic can teach you how to use your new programs, systems or devices. We can get you and your team up to speed with technology so that you are more accurate, efficient and confident in your use of your computer equipment and systems. Thus saving you time and money!

Being Apple Compliant and Microsoft Certified means we are trained teachers, and enjoy getting you up to speed, at your pace, using language and terms you understand.

Whether you have a new computer, new software or a new IT system, having professional IT training will get you up to speed quickly, saving you time and money in the long run. We have the patience and empathy to help you go from zero to hero over a short space of time. Everyone we help always says they wish they had asked for professional help years ago! Microsoft or Apple – we can assist you at any level on any system.

Back Up Systems:

Keep your business going, even when systems crash. Computer Clinic can help you install on and off-site backup systems to protect your information. In case of:

- Fire

- Theft

- Viruses

- Power surges

- Computer failure

- Natural disaster

Computer Clinic will make sure your business is protected, and can recover from temporary setbacks.

Computer Sales and Servicing:

Need some advice before you buy a new device? Computers can be personalised to individual needs, so it’s important you get one that suits your requirements. We can advise you on the right hardware for your business, and set it up so it’s ready to go with everything you need.

Synching and Compatibility:

Do you have a mobile team, or work across multiple devices? We can make sure work orders sent to your PC can find their way to your tablet, or photos taken on your phone appear on your laptop.

Whatever your Christchurch business needs, Computer Clinic can get all your devices communicating with each other to improve efficiency and reduce downtime. Having emails, calendars and contacts syncing across all devices gives you immediate visibility allowing you to instantly communicate on any device, anywhere in the world.

Anti-Virus Protection and Removing Malware:

Not all anti-virus protection programs are created equal. Are you getting strange pop-ups, tool bars, or messages on your computer? Has your homepage changed? If your computers are running slower than normal, you might have a virus. But don't be alarmed as it is a common problem. If a virus, malware, or other nasty program gets into your computer, Computer Clinic have the tools to stop and eradicate it.

Prevention is the best cure. Computer Clinic ensures you have up-to-date security, compatibility, and antivirus protection across all your devices. Cyber-crime is by far the largest crime in the world so protecting your work computers, systems, cloud storage and backup drives should be a priority to prevent those bugs from taking hold. Whatever your business needs and budget, we can provide an anti-virus solution.

The team at Computer Clinic are always working to stay updated with the latest threats to our technology. Viruses can wreak havoc on computers, cause downtime for your business or even steal your trade secrets, We pride ourselves on same day service, and a “No Fix, No Fee” policy, so if there is a virus in your system we’ll get rid of it and have your business up and running as soon as possible.

Computer Servicing, Maintenance and Upgrades:

Does your computer take ages to turn on? If you have more than one internet browser open, does everything on your computer slow down? Regular servicing can speed your computers back up, and remove the bugs that have annoyed you for so long.

When computers get hot they slow down. We are not afraid to get to get our hands dirty. We open up your computer or laptop and professionally remove all the dust and contaminants inside, thus allowing your computer or laptop to run faster as it can cool itself easier. Such a simple thing can make a world of difference but it must be done correctly, otherwise you risk damaging sensitive componentry.

A new computer isn’t always the answer. A little maintenance and a hardware upgrade can make your computer as good as new. Computer Clinic can recommend and install new operating software, or install more RAM to help your devices reach greater speeds and performance levels. Larger hard drives and even solid state drives can also give you massive performance increases.

Business Growth:

When your business takes off, it’s important you can keep up with the work! Computer Clinic can recommend software and technology to improve your IT systems, boost efficiency and help you manage your workload. You can trust Computer Clinic to present a range of options to suit your business needs and budget.

Protect Your Information:

Businesses rely on sensitive data to gain an edge in competitive marketplaces. Computer Clinic can protect your corporate information and intellectual property to keep your business safe.

- Make sure only people who need to know have access to the relevant information.

- Prevent staff from taking documents when they leave.

Remote Access:

Want to work from home or from other remote locations? We have numerous remote solutions that are also safe and secure from hackers.


Having computer trouble? Unsure what you need? Contact Computer Clinic today on 03 390 9192 for a free IT consultation. We’ll come to you, and show you how our IT support and solutions can add value to your business. Get the most out of your PC and make it work for you!

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