Below are some real stories from real customers, giving a background to:-

Who they are, the challenges faced and what was done to help.


Background - SCAPE - A Charitable trust for public artwork with very slim budgets

Deborah McCormick


SCAPE Public Art

DDI 03 365 7990 | | M 027 280 9557


Scape Public Art organise and provide many events in Christchurch and the wider field.

Deborah, the director has extremely high standards and was shortlisted as a woman of the year finalist in 2016.

Scape operate a team of around 10 and store a tremendous amount of data.

Computer Clinic managed to obtain high level enterprise systems for Scape at a zero cost by proving they were a registered charity.

Hence Scape operate a very sophisticed setup which helps their efficiency and communications.

"Patrick Moran from Computer Clinic and his team have provided continual IT support to SCAPE Public art since 2008.

During this time he has assisted us in setting up our IT infrastructure which has proved to be an invaluable robust system

with minimal technical anomalies. During this time we have moved premises 3 times.

Patrick and his team always ensured we had minimal disruption during each move and provided support both on and offsite

as well as liaising with external communication providers to assist with a smooth transition of our requirements as quickly as possible.

Patrick responds quickly to any requests regarding IT support along with supplying computer hardware to meet our business needs.

We are very happy to recommend Patrick as an experienced IT Consultant and Computer Clinic

to provide comprehensive and professional support."

Deborah McCormick, Director – SCAPE Public Art


Background - Winnies - Disaster at the busiest time possible over Easter

Mike Knowles

Winnie Bagoes Ferrymead

2 Waterman Place, Ferrymead, Christchurch

T 03 3764900 | F 03 3764915 | M 021 524335

Winnie Bagoes is the home of the Best Gourmet Pizza in town. With a very busy, family friendly restaurant,

keeping the tills and the ordering system operating is extremely important.

Patrick formed a relationship with Winnie Bagoes when it opened its branch in Ferrymead a number of years ago

and have been helping Winnies with their IT ever since.

"Patrick and the Computer Clinic team have worked with me for years.

They take care of all our IT and tills and basically keep everything running.

They're always here promptly and sort any issues out with no drama. For those reasons, they're the perfect IT people.

On Easter weekend 2016 our tills crashed and wouldn't reboot. We had a full restaurant and it was chaos and everyone was extremely stressed.

We needed urgent and out of hours assistance over the Easter Break. Patrick's car was in for repairs so he came on his bike immediately and saved the day - my business was back up and running in no time.

For a cash business that relies on our systems, tills and EFTPOS, getting this fixed immediately was crucial.

They understand the importance of IT for businesses, so are always available to help when things go wrong.

Every year new programs and technology are released, and Patrick always seems to know about them.

Computer Clinic stays one-step-ahead of the game and helps my business do the same."

Mike Knowles, Franchise Owner – Winnie Bagoes Ferrymead


Background - Flax - Regular as clock work

Di Gallagher

Flax Gifts

51 Quaids Road, Marshland, Christchurch

M 027 4329419

Di from Flax Gifts has been in business for 8 years selling bespoke gift creations to corporate customers via email and her website (online).

Because of this she relies heavily on her IT systems working 24/7 on all her devices, no matter where she is.

Di often receives last minute gift orders, so it's essential she can process them quickly and ensure fast delivery to her customers.

Computer Clinic has worked with Flax Gifts for a number of years, recommending and supplying all the required laptops,

software, systems and backup. Di never has major IT issues as we regularly service her equipment,

keeping all her systems updated and bug free.

"A good online presence is essential for my business.

Most of my orders come through my website, so if my email or computer systems crash it's a nightmare!

Patrick and the team at Computer Clinic ensure I have good systems and back-ups in place to protect my business should things go wrong.

Because they make sure I have the latest versions of all software and anti-virus programmes, thankfully I don't really have those problems!

He helps me stay on top of those issues to keep everything in order.

I'm always impressed with their speed and service, plus their willingness to check out the little issues

and make sure it's not the cause of a bigger problem. Without a doubt, I'd highly recommend Computer Clinic."

Di Gallagher, Owner – Flax Gifts


Background - Essential HR - Under pressure in stressful environments

Mike Johnson

Essential HR

94 Disraeli Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

T 03 9436310 | M 027 2808546

When businesses around Canterbury need to hire a new team member or resolve a dispute, many turn to Mike Johnson.

He owns Essential HR, a specialist human resources firm, giving timely advice to many businesses in Christchurch, Ashburton and all over Canterbury.

He is a respected authority on HR issues, dealing with stressful situations and employee conflict on a daily basis.

It's important for Mike and his team to be mobile, and at the same time have all their documents available to them wherever they are.

Computer Clinic helps Essential HR stay connected and fully mobile.

We keep him informed of new developments in IT so his business stays one step ahead of his competition.

Computer Clinic are always ahead of the game, and recommends IT improvements to Mike and the Essential HR team

so they can prepare for the future.

"My previous IT support person always required that I come to him, and that didn't fit with my schedule.

After meeting Patrick Moran at a business networking event, I've used Computer Clinic ever since.

Computer Clinic comes to me, wherever I am and provides excellent IT support.

Patrick and the team basically do everything to keep my business backed-up and protected.

They make it simple, so it's one less thing for me to worry about.

My business migrated to the cloud under Computer Clinic's guidance,

nd they made sure all our devices communicate properly.

As I travel a lot around Canterbury, it's important I can access all documents from wherever I am.

A team member in the office can prepare a report for me, and I can access it immediately.

It's been a real boost for efficiency.

If anything goes wrong, Patrick and Computer Clinic are there.

They work well after normal businesses hours to deliver on fast deadlines, ensuring my business never suffers from downtime.

I love Computer Clinic's values and work ethic, and I highly recommend them."

Mike Johnson, Director – Essential HR


Background - Medical Centre - 10 separate internal businesses using the same system

Northlands Healthcare

162 Main N Rd, Papanui, Christchurch

T 03 3522202

Computer Clinic and Northlands Healthcare Centre have been working together for over 10 years!

We have helped them with all their IT needs over that time, recommending new computers, programmes, systems,

and keeping them up-to-date. Over that time, on Northlands Healthcare's recommendation,

Computer Clinic now supports the other businesses and clinics within the complex.

As Northlands Healthcare Centre deals with people's medical documents and patient files they take back-ups, security

and privacy very seriously. We help them protect sensitive information, keeping it private and secure.

When providing medical assistance, timing is critical.

IT systems have to remain online, as downtime just isn't an option.

Computer Clinic works with Northland's Healthcare Centre to ensure upgrades and checks are done outside normal hours,

so as not to inconvenience patients or staff.

"We're proud to have worked with Patrick over the past 10 years as he's provided us with IT support.

Computer Clinic keeps our networks running, replaces hardware, and makes back-ups for when things go wrong. Sometimes Patrick provides over-the-phone advice and can walk me through an issue, and I know in an emergency he's always here to help.

Patrick understands how much our business relies on technology, and Computer Clinic do an amazing job of keeping everything going while reducing downtime.

On one occasion we needed a complete systems upgrade, which was no easy process.

Patrick and his team spent the weekend liaising with the software developers,

and installing the new programme on each computer so the whole centre was ready to go on Monday.

On our recommendation, Computer Clinic provides IT support to other businesses within the clinic.

Patrick and the team are always helpful and friendly.

Their advice is easy to understand, unlike some IT specialists who only speak computer gobbledygook.

I absolutely recommend Patrick and the Computer Clinic team."

Sue Wilson, Owner and Manager – Northlands Healthcare Centre


Background - OKB Fish - Long term assistance for growing international fishing company

Okains Bay Seafood

23 Humphreys Drive, Ferrymead, Christchurch

T 03 3398173

Okains Bay Seafood are New Zealand's largest privately owned long line fishing company,

exporting to the UK, USA, Australia and Japan.

They operate within strict quotas and have numerous systems to assist compliance and plotting courses.

They also supply fish to United Fisheries in Christchurch.

Computer Clinic has supported Okains Bay Seafood for over 8 years,

upgrading their entire systems twice over that time, while taking into account their international requirements.

"We've had considerable growth over the past 10 years,

and Patrick and the team at Computer Clinic have helped us manage and keep on top of everything.

Patrick has provided us with a range of hardware, devices and software,

makes sure they're all synched and communicating properly,

and protected with proper back-ups and anti-virus measures.

I'm always impressed with Computer Clinic's response.

Our IT systems are critical to our day-to-day business, and any issues mean a loss in productivity.

Patrick and the team always get back to me, and have things fixed as soon as possible.

When overhauling our servers or updating our system, Computer Clinic works around our business needs,

even if that means working after hours or on weekends so there's hardly any disruption.

We'll come in the next day, and everything we need is ready to go.

Computer Clinic is small enough to be personal, yet large enough to provide the support and back up we need.

We trust them, which means a lot to me and my business.

I highly recommend Patrick and the Computer Clinic team."

Greg Summerton, Owner – Okains Bay Seafood Ltd


Background - Under Control - Rapid expansion of a credit control / debit collection company

Jeannette Kwant

UnderControl Credit Management Ltd

P O Box 39089, Harewood, Christchurch

T 03 3385754 | M 027 2314863

When dealing with money and debt recovery, the ability to oversee electronic payments and bank accounts in real time is essential.

Computer Clinic worked with UnderControl Credit Management when they were a team of two,

and have helped their IT systems grow as their business has expanded.

UnderControl Credit Management works to tight and specific budgets,

so we had to come up with solutions to fit those unique requirements,

and complete everything to their high standards.

"When I needed IT help someone recommended Patrick Moran and Computer Clinic.

My requirements were someone who could give me solid advice and solutions in plain English, not geek-talk.

From the first meeting I knew he was the right fit, and now I wouldn't call anyone else.

Computer Clinic has helped us with back-ups, and updating our email and IT systems.

Patrick is excellent with Outlook, which is essential for our business.

When there are breakdowns or if the system crashes Computer Clinic never leaves us hanging.

They understand how crucial IT is to business, and we can't get anything done with it down.

They have a stunning response time, and get my business up-and-running fast.

Patrick and the Computer Clinic team go over and above the call of duty.

I choose all my hardware and devices through them, and trust their recommendations.

Patrick is a real stand-up guy, and Computer Clinic is in a class of its own."

Jeannette Kwant, Director – UnderControl Credit Management


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